Supinfocom 2018 Trailers

I have compiled the trailers of the Supinfocom 2018 graduation movies from my students, you can watch them here waiting for the whole movies to be available.

In addition to what I’m sharing here, the development of free tools, animation, I’m also in charge of teaching 3D Animation at Supinfocom, a French school, during the 5th and last grade, helping students with their graduation movies.

This year again, all those talented students directed 8 wonderful short films. Here are their trailers, waiting for the whole movies to be available, in a year or two after their screenings in festivals around the world…

The Bolt Connection

After a heist that goes wrong, a frail robot who was the driver of a robot mafia ends up being in possession of some loot he shouldn’t have, a human heart. Tempted by the opportunity of being like his bosses, he grafts the heart to himself and discovers the feeling of being alive. But those brief instants of life have a price.

Co-directed by: Claire Cartier, Mathilde Dourdy, Thibault Grunenberger, Maurine Lecerf, Nicolas Lebas and Shih-Hui Pan.

Elephants Will Be Happy

Co-directed by: Charlotte Brun, Loic Frimat, Vincent Labis, Adrien Lannoy, Alice Lepoutre and Lucas Roussel.


Only human in a world full of animals, a dressmaker is trying to hide his difference by sewing himself several costumes on his first day of work.

Co-réalisé par : Léa Cousty, Mélanie Fourgeaud, Chloé Astier, Hugo Bourriez, Raphaël Guez et Victoire Le Dourner.

The Stained Club

Finn has stains on his body. One day, he meets a group of cool kids with different stains on their bodies. One day, he understands that these stains aren’t just pretty.

Co-directed by: Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan-Stephie Peang and Béatrice Viguier.

Stuck in the Middle

Four French mates on a road-trip in the USA decide to take a strange guy in a suit hitchhiking in the middle of the desert.

Co-directed by: Denis Fleurion, Léo Nezot, Julien Adoum, Romain Marchetti, Cécile Minaud and Étienne Bonafini.


Co-directed by: Édouard Heutte, Marisa Di Vora Peixoto, Éliste Simoulin, Anna Komaromi, Clotilde Bonnotte and Helena Bastioni.


Jonas, an incredibly sensitive boy from a nordic fisherman village comes across a huge dead whale on a beach, harpooned from every side. From now on, his vision of the world can never be the same.

Co-directed by: Sarah Forest, Cécile Floucat, Pauline Javelot, Juliette Gales, Thibaut Wambre and Kevin De Garidel.

No Gravity

An astronaut comes back to earth and tries to fit in again.

Co-directed by: Charline Parisot, Jérémy Cissé, Fioretta Caterina Cosmidis, Flore Allier-Estrada, Maud Lemaître-Blanchart and Ludovic Abraham.

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