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Welcome to duduf.com !

This is the site where I – Nicolas Dufresne, a.k.a. Duduf – share what I do. A bunch of varied and variable stuff, which I update with the regularity of a broken Swiss clock.

I’m an animation director; that means I try to write scripts (without the talent of a true scenarist), and, or, that I direct the films, with drawings or computer generated images. I’m skilled in different production steps such as character animation and rigging, compositing, editing… My main work is with Rainbox Productions, a cooperative production company I’ve co-founded in 2017.

I write and I draw, too. Other stuff than scenarii and films: short stories, angry texts and soon my first novel, which I illustrate. This explains the illustrations you’ll see here; lots of mountains, the first of my two passions.

My other passion is fighting for the emancipation of all people, which also means fighting against capitalism and all forms of mercantilism. I think that lucrative property should’ve been abolished a long time ago, to let room to the defense of common goods, to extend social security to all aspects of life and socialization of all value. This will be a long journey, I know. Of course, this is also a fight for ecologic degrowth to save our planet. Another long journey, probably too long to reach the goal, but, as they say, it’s the path that matters, not the goal. Let’s talk about that later when the planet will have burned.

Therefore, everything I do must respect my commitments; this doesn’t mean that all my work is committed, even if it’s at least influenced, but that the way I work always respects my principles, just because I like proving that I’m always right (no, this is not subject to argue) and that it works.

A good example: I participate in the development of free software to help film production. All tools are released under a free license (GNU GPL), and freely available, funded by voluntary donations and crowdfunding campaigns.

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Because we don’t live yet in a social economy, the workaround is using systems too individual but which are closer to it. You can support my work on patreon or by supporting RxLaboratory.

And thanks for reading it all!

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