A note about the language: I’m French!
I’m trying to translate most of my posts in English, but I’m afraid there always will be a bit more content in the French version of this site. And I hope you won’t find too many mistakes in my English…
There’s also a (Colombian) Spanish section, with only a few posts, translated or written by Ana Arce.

I am Nicolas Dufresne, but I’m usually called Duduf, in particular in the small world of cinema and animation industry. A small world where I’m a little bit famous thanks to the free (as in freedom as well as in free beer) distribution of some tools dedicated to motion pictures production, like Duik, which I developped. I work at Rainbox, a motion pictures production cooperative I’ve founded with my friend Michaël in 2016.

This blog is a way to share my work, my techniques, and the tools I develop in a free way.

I have also been using this small fame fore some time to show my ethics and my commitment, in my personnal life as well as in my work. This is what I want to share on this blog too. I have strong values like sharing, anti-capitalism, freedom and emancipation, which I try to share without being moralistic, but being some kind of example, through my public activities, my artistic work, my every-day life. I’m trying to show, with what I’m doing and my way of life, that another society could exist, without capitalism, without consumerism, individualism, and respectful of the people and the environement.

So, this site is a way to share my thoughts too, but also my doubts and my questions, to think together about a better world.

Free softwares

This site is entirely made with free softwares, which defend the freedom of the user. The tools I’ve developped myself are released under a free software license too.

  • The website itself is made with WordPress, which runs a big part of the websites in the whole world.
  • Redaction and office work is made possible by LibreOffice.
  • Graphism and images are made with Krita and Inkscape.
  • My web browsers are Firefox and Brave.


To keep in touch, you can subscribe to the newsletter. I don’t send mails very often, it’s SPAM-free. There are two reasons for this: I hate SPAM as much as you, and anyway I just don’t have enough time to write newsletters…

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